Interior File is a one-stop hub providing a full range of interior design services with an unwavering commitment to anticipating and surpassing our clients' artistic and structural needs.

About Us

With over 20 years of experience under our belt, we have grown from humble beginnings to now owning our very own carpenters’ workshop, offering both turnkey projects and build-to-order solutions to turn any space into a realized expression of our clients’ personality. Whether catering to other design firms or our own direct to end users, we guarantee nothing but the highest quality craftsmanship that is fully customizable to suit anyone’s needs.

We are known for our reliability, commitment, and attention to detail on all our projects, assuring your experience with us to be one of dedicated professionalism, and reputable trustworthiness.


Interior Designer

The youngest and newest member of our team, Joyce brings with her a fresh outlook and an enthusiastic, insatiable thirst for design. She dreams one day of traveling the world, using fabrics, furniture, and personal design elements to weave a living space story for her clients.


Sales Manager

A sales manager who has spent a third of his life in the interior design industry, Ryan is a dedicated leader who likes the challenge of uncovering people’s wants when it comes to their dwelling space.

Should you have any enquiries for your living space, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to us if you meet him for one of his many famous kopi-c’s that last him throughout the day.

Chen Chen

Interior Designer

Chen Chen is our designer who has a love for all things electronic. He is a believer that the manifestation of technology, throughout time, has always been built upon by the primordial pursuit of Mankind’s quest to find meaning behind the design of life’s greatest interface.


Senior Designer

Samantha, our senior designer has 16 years of design experience under her belt, lending much expertise to projects. With a particular interest in commercial spaces and furniture design, she seeks to create a place that comes alive to represent the essence of who her clients are.